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Our clinicians are board-certified but they also specialize in addiction medicine. They know which drugs can be relied upon for the various symptoms that clients experience. Many people mistakenly believe that they can control How to Choose a Sober House: Tips to Focus on their drinking or drug use. This may be why only a fraction of those people addicted actually seek formal addiction treatment for their condition. Unfortunately, addiction cannot be managed with good intentions alone.

alcohol detox near me

Patients will also have access to a 24-hour hotline and multiple virtual alumni and check-in meetings that occur daily for support with their sobriety. At WhiteSands, we believe preventing relapse can be brought to a whole new level. We know that we have successfully detoxed many patients and have witnessed them complete our program and graduate successfully. Many treatment centers emphasize relapse prevention throughout the treatment stay but then leave patients to implement their plan and cope with the triggers which make them vulnerable to use again, when they return home on their own. We recognize that we needed to do more to assist our patients in maintaining long-term sobriety and reaching their highest life potential.

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At WhiteSands we recognized how many of our patients thrive in treatment and then struggle to create a routine and healthy lifestyle once they return home, which ultimately leads to relapse. We, therefore, decided to create a Life Skills Program that would assist patients in learning to sleep right, eat right, and live right on a daily basis. For many patients their addictions led to a chaotic and disorganized lifestyle where anxiety and impulsiveness were significant issues that led to substance use. When living in chaos, people tend to skip meals, eat unhealthy foods, have unhealthy sleep patterns, run late, and not meet family and work goals. This can lead to poor focus, irritability, mood swings, increased depression, weakened immunity, and weight gain. WhiteSands Treatment has a team of highly-qualified addiction therapists, counselors, and specialists who are experts in the field of substance abuse treatment and recovery.

alcohol detox near me

Find out about the program’s duration, what types of treatment are offered, and whether or not additional support services are available. Additionally, make sure you understand the cost of treatment and any payment plans that might be available. Before beginning alcohol detox it’s important to receive a medical evaluation so your alcohol detox is tailored to meet your individual needs, taking into consideration your active addictions, history of substance use, etc. By entering an alcoholism treatment program, you’ll benefit from medical care that addresses alcohol withdrawal and any underlying co-occurring disorders you have. When you stop drinking alcohol suddenly, the body reacts with a series of withdrawal symptoms.

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For the purpose of illustration, we will provide examples of what each level of care encompasses using average lengths of stay that have led to success. The actual course of treatment will always be based on medical necessity, doctor/therapist’s recommendations, and insurance and financial capabilities. A long-term Life Skills Guide for each patient is a significant and costly undertaking that is unique to WhiteSands; however, we believe it is our duty to assist patients in staying sober even after they have completed treatment. At WhiteSands, we believe “once a patient, always a patient” and want them to stay part of our family. We believe our program will greatly decrease relapses from occurring, given our unique approach offering.

The specialists at our treatment facility recommend filling that time with sober-friendly things to see and do around the city. During the time in our rehab program, consider taking advantage of all the culturally rich and natural attractions that Tampa has to offer. At our luxury Tampa rehab, for example, clients can choose addiction recovery programs that are ideal for their needs.

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I learned how to get clean and stay clean through this place. This place provided the gateway to hearing a message that saved my life that i continue to apply on a daily basis, going on 3 years now .. They helped make sure I was comfortable and that the facility was as wheelchair accessible as I needed it to be. When I preferred one therapist over another, https://goodmenproject.com/everyday-life-2/top-5-tips-to-consider-when-choosing-a-sober-house-for-living/ they allowed me to voice that and switch so I could get the most out of my recovery. Once we have gathered all necessary information, we will then complete the admissions process. If for whatever reason WhiteSands is not right for you or you don’t qualify, our staff will spend the time to review all other options given the information we’ve gathered.

  • Considering most facilities do not provide much in the way of gym equipment, they are not likely to provide any personal training or customized nutrition plans.
  • We have a large boxing ring, a cardio section, a yoga area, and a weights section to suit everyone’s needs.
  • I sent Joe on a 60-day mission to research what the best treatment centers across Florida offer.

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